The Pagüey River


The pagüey River and the characters are inspired in people that lives in the countryside, in a region called “los llanos” in Venezuela. The landscape is so vast that is hard to guess where is the horizon. One could see how the river dried every six months and how its channel would grow until flooding the shores. Every time the water level decreased, locals would start over again with the things they rescued form the last flood. The immensity of the land and the cruel weather affects people’s characters and so locals have a different sense of time and space. To support the importance of nature in their lives we got inspiration in the work of a very famous Venezuelan painter called Armando Reverón.



DirectionScript, Ramón París
Production Tere Castillo
3D modelling Ramón París & Tere Castillo

3D painting and textures Ramón París
3D Animation & Postproduction Ramón París & Tere Castillo
Music and Sound Albert S. Fernández Aldabó.